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Dental Tourism

Located two blocks from historic downtown Cuernavaca, our clinic shares modern facilities with the reputed dental laboratory EPS Estudio de Porcelana Suizo. Cuernavaca was named “The City of Eternal Spring” by the Prussian geographer and explorer Alexander von Humboldt. Its climate really is exceptional: Sunny days year-round, with temperatures between 20 and 30° C. Cuernavaca boasts shady parks, historic haciendas and refreshing swimming pools to cater to international and national visitors looking for a tranquil stay just a stone’s throw away from the busy life of Mexico City. Cuernavaca is the capital of the small state of Morelos, which offers plenty of activities within an hour’s drive. Whether you are interested in archeology, handicrafts, thermal springs, Mexican art and history, local flora and fauna, traditional food or just a relaxing day at the spa: We can suggest you the best places in the area which turn your trip to the dentist into a pleasant vacation!
If you consider travelling to Cuernavaca from abroad, you probably have plenty of questions on your mind. After all, you are about to make an important decision affecting your personal health and well-being. We want to make the process as easy and simple for you as possible, which is why our service starts long before you set foot on our doorstep. Our “Roadmap to your perfect smile” will guide you through the necessary steps to carry out your dental treatment as a little get-away in Cuernavaca, Mexico:

Your Roadmap to a Perfect Smile

Contact ESTUDIO 134

You can contact us via e-mail, phone, Facebook or contact form on our website.
We commit to a response within 48 hours (on work days).

Plan your Treatment

Please send us as much information on your case as possible (x-rays, medical reports, photos, etc.).
We discuss your oral health with different treatment options and give you a quote.

Organize your Trip

Once you decide on your treatment, together we plan your trip to Cuernavaca.
We help you arrange flights and accomodation. Benefit from our special arrangements with
Cuernava hotels!
We suggest sights and activities in the nearby surroundings and provide you with your personal
guide if you wish so.

Travel to Cuernavaca

You take a flight to Mexico City Airport.
From there, you take the comfortable and safe “Pullman de Morelos” bus with direct service to
Cuernavaca (2hr ride) or we come pick you up with a private chauffeur.

Treatment & Relax

Our team of specialists will work together to fit all appointments in your travel itinerary.
In between appointments, do some sightseeing, handicraft shopping or relax at a local spa.
Keep in mind that some treatments (e.g. implant surgery) will require proper aftercare, so
swimming, alcohol etc. might not be permitted for a few days.

Return Home & Aftercare

Have a safe journey home, with a new smile and great memories of your trip to Cuernavaca.
See your local dentist for aftercare. We can recommend a dentist near you from our global
network of specialists.

Further Trips

If your treatment plan requires further trips to our clinic, we will let you know right from
the beginning and plan accordingly.
Of course you are always welcome to return for a free check-up on your next vacation!


You can also download the above roadmap and use it as a checklist to plan you dental trip.